Sample Video Blogs Created and Posted For Social Media Sites


Join me for the first episode of A VOICE FOR CHANGE. My role is to share inspirations that come through me to move America and the world forward into healing and uniting.

The time has come for humanity to repair what has been broken and divided... starting with ones self first. Wake up America! A new paradigm is birthing and needs us to do our part. 


It's time now to stop everything that's trying to pull us apart and divide us... follow the GPS of your heart instead... "Prepare Ye, Prepare Ye, Prepare Ye!" Welcome to the next episode of A VOICE FOR CHANGE.


Enjoy a sample video from my 30 day social media program,  HEALING DISTORTIONS OF LOVE. This 30 day program was about identifying and healing old pattern that are limitations and core wounded beliefs to giving and receiving love. This video is from Day 26 and focuses on blessing yourself and others as you continue to heal old patterns and blocks to love.



Here is another video posting from HEALING DISTORTIONS OF LOVE DAY18 of a 30 day social media vlog. This vlog is about healing the distortions and patterns that keep us from genuinely receiving love and deeply loving others This video from Day 18 focuses on healing imbalance of love in our significant other relationships.



The following video is an example of my ONE MINUTE GLOBAL HEALING ALERTS I post on social media to remind folks to take a minute and join with others globally in synchronized prayer to infuse collective prayer to situations that need love.

If you haven't experienced "synchronized prayer," it is when people pray at a specific time in their time zone on a set date for a specific cause. The power of people around the world sending love, blessings and the power of intention for healing means people are praying and holding sacred space collectively for 24 hours. What a wonderful experience!


Travel with me on my journey to "Comedy Traffic School." I created this with my creative partner, Joel Casey, as a vlog for our  JOY IN THE MUNDANE  series. Here I got to create joy and practice positive living skills in a situation that few people want to experience-- traffic school.

I learned a lot, redeemed myself for driving too fast in a residential zone, and made this video to share the good work that the Phoenix Traffic School folks are doing to help us all be safer drivers. And, I choose to find joy in the experience.


Another JOY IN THE MUNDANE Video Blog...  Sometimes life gives us big tests and scary times. How can we create something positive to help befriend what is scary? Join Joel Casey and I again for another moment of finding joy in challenging times.