"Can you dare to imagine a world where humanity is happy and lives together sharing and collaborating in harmony? What can you do to be an ambassador to this transformation?"

--Jami Lee Martin

Stewardship For A New World 

Greetings!  My name is Jami Lee Martin and my life is committed to being a steward for the healing and inspiration of humanity. 

I am a minister of inspiration, remembrance and connection with the divine nature and spirit of life. I facilitate personal life healing and empowerment in times of transition and change. My desire is to help people have a better life. I do this by helping folks have a fresh connection to life and opportunities within themselves. I am a guest speaker, personal coach and event host offering inspiration events and transformational programs.

This website also shares my passion and vision for many programs and projects that heal, educate, empower, enliven and advance humanity in our world. Thanks for coming to my website.  Thank you for choosing to become more of your greatest potential! 


Tune In To My Radio Show with Joel Casey

Join Joel Casey and I as we provide radio programs, podcasts and unique "consciousness comedy" events and inspirational gatherings to inspire "get real" and fun evolutionary empowerment! 

Tune in and ponder your life as we share inspirational conversations that help us all reflect upon, and more consciously embrace life's diverse experiences, to learn from and to grow from the lessons and transform our lives to greater life fulfillment. 

Enjoy an example of our radio shows!

Inspiration Is The New Courage! Welcome to our fun and evolutionary sharing of universal principles that work equally for all of us.  Catch the excitement or your heart as you tune in to your own "what's next" for your life, and what can you dare to dream and create.

Joel and I extend our hands and hearts to you to join us as we say YES to inspiration as the new courage and step forward together as more joyful, present and loving co-creators of life . Come learn andplay with us!