Introducing MOBILE ONENESS-- 

I am a Global Ambassador for The Golden Age as well as a traveling and guest minister of inspiration and greater divine remembrance. With great joy, I celebrate a traveling earth ministry of humanitarian and earth healing work. It is an honor to perform land ceremonies that bless, celebrate, heal distortions and unite all kingdoms.

My mission is to awaken humanity and be a catalyst for healing a divided world and a damaged planet. I create ceremony and collaborate to prosper humanity with inspirational, evolutionary and transformational gatherings and events.

I host inspirational and supportive gatherings for those on the journey of awakening. I celebrate and motivate humanity by keynote and guest speaking, and facilitate musical and inspirational gatherings and events that help us all to open our hearts in greater transformation as we journey forward into the new paradigm of living, loving and wholeness.

My upcoming travels and locations for my work through the end of 2017 includes:  Northern and Central Arizona, Southwest Colorado, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Nassau and multiple islands in the Bahama's; northwest Oregon and Moab, Utah. By the grace of God, I will have also have funding to support work in Seattle and Northwest Washington and the San Juan Islands. Thank you again to those of you that have contributed to support "Mobile Oneness" and this ministry that calls my heart. 

***Note to ministers that need a vacation! I also offer interim and respite ministry support services for fellow ministers and spiritual leaders who need a well-deserved sabbatical or vacation. They can rest assured knowing that their congregation and spiritual community is in good hands. I also offer property management, housesitting and pet care services so I can lovingly care for private home care needs while providing interim ministerial support for eccleasical and administrative needs.

Contact me for more information about my unique ministry and inspirational event support services, and to donate to this work. Blessings!

Celebrating a land blessing and healing ceremony along the Animas River in Durango, CO.
Basking in Love with "Fairy Tree" along the Animas River in Durango, CO following a land blessing and healing ceremony in the area.