Thank you for joining me in collaborative vision! 

     Join me in making the world a happier and healthier home for all of us. Dare to interview your own heart and leap into that which brings you greatest honoring of your highest evolutionary destiny.

     Surround yourself with insightful, loving and caring individuals that celebrate you and align with your dreams. Believe in a healthy world that shares happiness as well as resources. Demand sustainability and healthier models for living, and help create the solutions. Share your gifts, and please share the resources where you can. 

     Remember the difference that one person can make. You are an event that God is having. Be exciting, live inspired and be helpful.  Thank you for your contributions in the new world evolving!

--Jami Lee Martin


     On behalf of all of you saying YES to greater stewardship and magnificence in your life, here is a celebration song dedicated to all of us that dream big. I present, Marcy Baruch. Feel the magic with her award-winning song, "Here I Am."  


Presenting Matt Venuti-- humanitarian, kingdom connector and poet/musician playing, breathing, performing and healing around the world. Matt is another musician I plan to support with my Charitable Trust that will provide funding for musicians benefiting humanity. Enjoy his video, "A Place To Breathe."

Contact Me

Thank you to all of you that have been asking how to support my work! BLESSINGS!

Contributions can be made by Paypal or sent to : Jami Lee Martin  C/O ROSE WILLOW ENTERPRISES PO Box 1296 Sedona, AZ 86339
Thanks Again! 
     I am blessed to keep meeting tremendous people working to create a refreshed world--people of extraordinary consciousness and vision with beyond this world gifts and talents that work with teams of people to create, finance and produce the technologies and new systems that are needed to move forward on our human evolutionary path. 

     I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be an ambassador to these evolutionary projects that can move the world forward in healthy, productive, good-for-everybody ways. It is a joy and an honor to be apart of weaving together many of us with like mind and heart--those of us called together to share and serve these projects as we graciously create the new world together.

--Jami Lee Martin
"Love. Unite. Be present with all creatures great and small, and all kingdoms near and far. Be you with tremendous joy and vision. Invite others to love."

--Jami Lee Martin