Dream and share your vision! 

I have a dream. And I know somehow I'm going to achieve it.

My dream is to supercharge funding that can be available to non- profit organizations that provide solutions for global challenges and hurting hearts.

I am holding vision to co-create a large global Charitable Trust to help fund individuals and organizations making a much needed difference on the front lines of humanity.

This trust would profoundly benefit our world by operating in a simple structure that can assist large volumes of corporate and humanitarian money to be passed on to well-deserving people and organizations making a difference and serving the front lines of humanity. To give you an idea, many of the projects, individuals and organizations to benefit are listed below. Some of the projects will require funding to kickstart their own 501-c as all recipients must have successful nonprofit status and demonstrate admirable use of funds. Dream with me, and together we shall create it to be.

--Jami Lee Martin




Supporting Individuals and Groups in Stewardship to the Earth's People, Resources and Wildlife


Seeking Help For The American Reservations! 

Current conditions on many of the reservations are now referred to as worse than third world living conditions. Food, shelter, community centers and health care services are in dire need, as well as programs to help the youth thrive and heal broken spirits. A national organization that ethically coordinates distribution of money and resources, with respect for tribal jurisdiction laws, on the American Reservation is desperately needed. 

Amy  Lichonczak and her nonprofit organization at Narutka International can help. Amy is an advocate that currently collects and directs resources with legal-ease across borders and within tribal jurisdiction. Her organization offers programs, resources, education and community crisis support. Amy has tribal liaisons on many of the reservations that can put their people to work rebuilding what has been so broken and help turn survival into something much more sustainable and healthy. Many people want to help and we can put people to work doing what they love that can make a thriving difference in many desperate situations.




It's time to do the right thing. Let's help the ones whom much has been taken from. 


Earth Guardians and Rising Youth for Sustainable Earth, Xiuhtezcatl Martinex

This indigenous environmental activist is leading his generation to defend our future. He works with RYSE: Rising Youth for Sustainable Earth, organizing rallies, actions, demonstrations and events, and public speaking and performing hip hop music globally. Check out http://www.earthguardians.org  He is working with teens in 25 countries to demand and help create greener policy from our world leaders. He is bringing awareness of indigenous cultures and heartfully bringing new solutions to dysfunctional, tired, corrupt and broken old system models. Need I say more. Check him out!

Check out one of his extraordinary presentations at the Bioneers 25th Annual Conference: https://youtu.be/El8pEQH-pls You can see his musical talent at: https://youtu.be/e42m0tc-2XU

For more information about the Bioneers : http://www.bioneers.org  Breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.

Youth environmental activist, and director of Rising Youth for Sustainable Earth, Xiuhtezcatl Martinex 

International Center of Spiritual and International Wisdom

The International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom (ICSAW) is an organization that is dedicated to preserving ancients’ wisdoms and traditions of indigenous cultures throughout the world. ICSAW works on behalf of indigenous communities of North, Central, and South America and stands as the central organization by which all of its international projects are supported under. In bringing awareness and support to these projects, we empower our indigenous and non Indigenous brothers and sisters to empower and sustain their communities.

THE MISSION Dedication to keeping the ancestral culture of art and crafts, holy ceremonies and the sacred fires alive. We provide a safe and healthy environment as a bridge from the ancient world to the modern world of today. Our prime initiative is to preserve the teachings of Indigenous Elders and to make their wisdom and their ways available to the world.

OUR VISION  To build a better future for our children; the future generation. Its goal is to bring awareness of the importance in protecting the ceremonies, the sacred sites and herbal plant medicines from around the world. ICSAW seeks to preserve sacred indigenous sites and communal ways of life. We honor the commitment to take a collective stand for global peace and unity because this is our divine right as a people.

For more information on The Center For Spiritual and Ancestral  Wisdom  http://www.eaglequetzalcondor.com/icsaw/

Elder Chief Golden Light Eagle supports and is supported by The International Center For Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom.

Earthfire Institute

The Earthfire Institute was founded in 2000 to develop a new model of relating to nature through the voices of the rescued wildlife under its care. A 40 acre wildlife sanctuary and retreat center, it is located on the western slope of Grand Teton National Park, near Driggs, Idaho.The mission here is to keep opening the door between humanity and wildlife. Retreat groups can enjoy quiet and special time, enhancing their own personal retreat agenda's with the magic and sacredness that the up close and personal experiences with the animals and the sustainable setting offers.  

Earthfire’s vision is to serve as a seed center of creative ideas in conservation through interspecies input and interdisciplinary thought. This is critical, if we are to make the earth sustainable for all life. 

For more information:

Website: www.earthfireinstitute.org

The Essence of Earthfire Institute Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctrpZlw7mSg

The Mission of Earthfire Institute Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr8SMsWtH2M

The Vision of Earthfire Institute is to serve as a seed center of creative ideas in conservation



Supporting Individuals & Organizations in Stewardship to Humanity


100 Friends Project, Marc Gold

Marc Gold is the founder and director of the 100 Friends Project and has carried out over 26 years worth of humanitarian missions in the Third World. For inspiration on what one man can do to change the world, see http://100friends.org Check out his website and see how you can help or perhaps be inspired and motivated to help others in some way.

I am inspired by his "grass roots" shoestring philanthropy and desire to create a organization like his to serve the American Reservations. (I anticipate it to be called Friends Of The Nation)

Please, take time to see the attached video here that represents 10 minutes of heart-expanding human love and compassion. See for yourself what one man (who was a school teacher) has done by collecting donations from friends and using his summer vacation and savings to help others. He grew the organization into a full time non profit group now and continues to serve with every penny he collects.

Marc finds the poorest of people in the most extreme circumstances and and gives them food, clothing, medical supplies and resources to help them sustain their livelihood. $5.00 may not buy much in America, but for these poor nations he serves, it can be life saving medicine and food. Please help. And, help me create this kind of program to serve the poorest of the poor for our American Reservations.

100 Friends Video of Compassion in Action with Marc Goldman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRmw7lbs28A 


Swami Nirvanananda & The Shantipuri Friends 

Swami Nirvananda is a wonderful Italian monk, devotional singer and humanitarian who has been traveling the world for more than 25 years, uplifting thousands through his amazing voice, musicianship & heartfelt devotion. All of Swami’s events are offered on a free will donation basis, with all funds going to support his charitable projects in and around the holy town of Puri, India. He focuses on serving the poor, focusing especially on helping the children of the Mercy Village Leper Colony in Puri. The entire organization also focus on providing food, clothing, safety, housing, education, medical expenses and vocational training for physically challenged and sexually exploited girls and young women. 

Swami Nirvananda has helped to create a community with hope rather than hopelessness. You can sponsor a child for $120 a year, and that covers the cost of food, education and clothing. For more information about all of the extraordinary causes his work supports, visit:  www.ShantipuriFriends.org  

Shantipuri Friends Video:


The above video Features the song, "Remind Me My Lord Who I Am," performed by Swami Nirvanananda, an Italian monk who travels the world with his guitar, raising spirits and raising funds for the good works of Shantipuri Foundation, which gives clothing, food, and education to some of India's most impoverished children.


The Art Of Living Foundation

This foundation is the largest non-governmental volunteer organization (spread over 156 countries) that donates over 95% of it's proceeds to directly benefit humanity. Their purpose is to educate, transform and empower humanity  to face life's challenges and become better leaders and agents of change to bring transformation to their communities. 

The Art of Living Foundation is in partnership with International Association for Human Values, sharing breathwork and meditation techniques and empowerment curriculum with communities of need. Some of the areas of their service includes: trauma relief for veterans, prisoner rehabilitation, disaster and trauma relief, rural education in developing nations, sustainable development, mission green earth and youth empowerment in schools. 

A culture of all religions and background support The Art of Living Foundation.

To contact the headquarters for The Art of Living Foundation: https://www.artofliving.org/us-en/los-angeles

AIM CHARITIES-- Accept. Inspire. Minister.

AIM’s Mission: Connecting people with support, resources, and education so they can empower themselves to become self-sufficient.

AIM charities is an efficient non-profit organization that meets the needs of struggling individuals and families in Anderson County, SC. I find AIM to be a showcase example of what communities can do to efficiently and lovingly coordinate community assistance. 

AIM was founded by churches to eliminate the duplication of assistance to those in need. For almost three decades, AIM has stabilized the community and continued to do so using its hand up, not hand out, philosophy. AIM is well known in the Upstate for giving hope and changing lives and continues to do so with unparalleled levels of energy, efficiency, and reliability.

Programs with AIM include: assessment and emergency assistance, education and workforce development, housing programs, hunger programs and a college support program for for low income parents with children to succeed in independent, successful lives.

I'd like to see communities from around the world study what AIM has created and implement something like it for their own citizens. We can all learn from each other. With greater funding provided, AIM may be able to create a teaching program to mentor other communities. And certainly, this group of big-hearted professionals can benefit with greater funding to serve the people they inspire and minister to.



Women and Children Succeeding is a college support program for low-income parents with children. AIM's goal is to transition the families they serve toward an independent, successful life.

Elevate Nepal, Inc.

Elevate Nepal, Inc. assists Nepalese citizens of earthquake-stricken villages in accessing resources and rebuilding sustainable communities. Due to the stagnant progress in receiving aid from the 2015 earthquake, many locals remain living in cramped, damaged shelters, and children have limited access to education. The need among locals is extensive, and many still eagerly await critical assistance. Elevate Nepal, Inc. focuses its rebuilding in areas of housing, education and sanitation.

Unique to the program beyond assistance, Elevate Nepal, Inc teaches sustainability and gets communities involved in their own rebuild projects.

CO-Founders Dan Maurer and Anthony Mancini teamed up to create this unique non-profit group to provide basic needs, education and sustainable support for the communities involved in the devastating effects of the 2015 earthquake.

I admire the two gentlemen that run this program. It reminds us all of the power of what we can do, even with minimal resources. We can pick one project, and just do it. And we will be guided from there, and others will come to donate and get involved.

To contact Elevate Nepal, Inc. https://elevatenepalinc.org/mission/

Enjoy a video about one of Elevate Nepal, Inc. projects. This video features rebuilding of the Big Village community.

Meet the founders of Elevate Nepal, Inc and learn of their great vision and inspiration to make a difference.

The Positive Music Association

The Positive Music Association (PMA) is an international organization dedicated to promoting Positive music artists, and Positive music as a distinct category of music. Positive music is defined as lyric-based music with universal, life-affirming messages-- music for personal and social change.

Besides promoting Positive music and artists, the PMA encourages its members to do something good with their music in their own communities and in the world. Examples include a Top Ten song on the billboard dance charts promoting world peace; special CDs created to raise awareness of hospice, autism, and poverty; singing for orphans in Bali and schoolchildren in India; and performing benefit concerts from Vancouver to New York City. The PMA also encourages cooperation and collaboration, not competition, among its members.

With the unprecedented upheaval in the world - from natural disasters and wars to political corruption and personal crises - the need for Positive music has never been greater. Positive music can help facilitate the transformation and shift in personal and global consciousness, from a worldview based on separation, scarcity and extreme competition, to one based on connectedness, sufficiency and cooperation. Positive music can inspire, heal, uplift, energize, unite and enlighten as we create and awaken to a more peaceful, sustainable and healthy world that works for everyone.

Check it out. Support musicians making a difference:



Marcy Baruch captivates audiences at The Positive Music Awards with her award-winning song, "Here I Am."

Musicians Benefiting Humanity

Joel Casey and I desire to inspire the an enthusiastic team of people to create a non profit foundation to support musicians making a helpfuldifference on the front lines for humanity and planetary healing. Here is the intention:

Musicians Benefiting Humanity--Seeking Non Profit Status 

Vision: Funding musicians to serve the underserved, providing music and ceremony for individual, collective and planetary healing.

Mission: Gifting financial resources to musicians to bring musical events, programs and concerts to the underserved, to their communities and the world at large.

Funding Requirement Eligibility: Musicians need to demonstrate a track record for musical integrity and beneficent service to humanity with music that uplifts, inspires, celebrates oneness, healing and collaboration. Musicians also need to demonstrate interfaith hearts and desire for global peace.

This organization will also support other organizations that show commitment to supporting musicians that make a difference: The Positive Music Association and it's members and The Mockingbird Foundation are first priority.

Our mission is to unite humanitarian programs with evolutionary and visionary musicians and artisans that bring people together to unite, celebrate, collaborate and prosper humanity with inspirational gatherings and events and programs for healing, education and advancement of the healing and transformation of humanity and our world.

Stay Tuned... more coming soon as non-profit status is approved. Contributions are already being accepted and your support is welcome. For more information and to contact us: www.twopeopleevolving.com 

Joel Casey and Jami Lee Martin, Founding Visiionaries for Musicians Benefiting Humanity.


This video showcases one of the immediate musical duos that we would provide funding for to assist in their musical healing and ceremonial work.

Meet Christopher Cooke and Low Nadia and follow their earth healing and awareness advocacy through their music and film messages... Yet another team of musicians and artisans benefiting humanity we choose to support with funding.


Artists Benefiting Humanity

Just as Joel Casey and I would like to motivate and empower a Musicians Benefiting Humanity Foundation, we would also like to support an Artists Benefiting Humanity Foundation. Artists that desire to creatively help on the front lines for humanity need support. Art needs to take it's place back into our schools and be valued in our daily lives again to rebirth the balance of creativity  in our world and personal lives. 

Imagine if artists who commit to making the world a better place could be paid in a way that they could really share their gifts and talents with humanity and our world. Artists could be a part of school programs, after school programs, inspirational community  programs and infinite areas of service that can bring much needed beauty, inspiration, self-empowerment, creatively and unified heart to communities and our world at large. Providing funding for humanitarian artists will allow the force of creativity and inspiration to survive on this planet and help people thrive with balanced living, loving and prospering.

Project 365 is out one of infinite ways that could be funded to help humanity. This project involves children creating unique homemade teddy bears and stuffed animals for children and adults around the world with cancer. Projects such as this could be great ways for youth and adults to gather to collaborate, create and lift humanity with their creations. 


Supporting Healthy, Thriving Intentional Community Living in Stewardship to Humanity


People For Thriving Solutions: 

The Thrive Movement With Foster and Kimberly Gamble

I love these two people! They have real cutting edge solutions to help our country and our world transform and thrive. 

Their movie, THRIVE, is said to be "an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's really going on in our world by following the money upstream--uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future." Join in and contribute to what it takes to thrive in our transforming world.

You can see their extraordinary movie on: 


Their website is: http://www.thrivemovement.com

I am also powerfully impressed with The Liberty Principle that they present on their website. The Liberty Principle is a three stage program that humanity can use to build truly sustainable and thriving conditions for all beings on earth. It's powerful and practical and brings logical steps to moving our world from where it is "stuck" and dysfunctional right now into a thriving new model of non-violent, healthy collaboration and thriving for all.

Enjoy the blog on their website that discusses The Liberty Principle. A video summary of The Liberty Principle is included here.

For more information on The Liberty Principle: http://www.thrivemovement.com/lost-and-recovered-history-non-aggression-principle.blog

Join the movement. Thrive!


Summary of the three stages of The Liberty Principle model for thriving in a healthy world.

New Earth Foundation

It is New Earth Foundation's mission of peace and delight to fund innovative, humanitarian projects according to the vision of New Earth Foundation, from community efforts that create models of social sustainability, to educational innovations that prepare youth to be future socially responsible leaders; from strategies that offer economic advances, to environmental initiatives that curb pollution and save the planet's precious resources and earth's natural biosphere. 

To contact New Earth Foundation: http://www.newearthfoundation.org/new_projects.html

Harmonious Earth Communities

Harmonious Earth is one wonderfulexample of a network of communities that are under development now to help people live in connection and collective harmony in advanced and sustainable ways. The visions for communities to be created to spread out in a network around the earth so their high vibrational impact can help to sustain and balance the whole planet.  The variety of locations will be located near earth "chakras" and high energy leylines that naturally distribute healing and balance globally.  

The locations for the communities will be around the entire earth. The first five locations are already under creation and serve as an excellent representation of what the entire world network will be. Participants who live at these communities will be able to synchronistically travel to and from, shifting living between different locations to share their gifts, talents and wisdom with others.

These high-energy locations and will aid in increasing the vibration of the people living in these areas and positively influence major population centers as well as serve as dimensional gates for expanded reality living.

Contact http://harmoniousearth.org/a-network-of-communities-around-the-earth/

Bridget Nielson, Patrick Haze, Sandra Rolus and Rick Nielson, building a global outreach of like-hearted communities.





Presenting New Programs For Stewardship for Addictions &Recovery Support



The Recovery Resource Network

The visionary steps for The Recovery Resource Network is under development now and needs funding to proceed. The Recovery Resource Network will provide free resources and mentoring to those who are in recovery and/or re-entering society from many of life's most alienating experiences-- addictions recovery, incarceration, grief and loss, and healing from trauma, isolation, discouragement and disconnection from many of life's challenges.

Facilitation and mentoring will also be available at Recovery Media Network that will features free online 24-hour television and radio programming that includes facilitated and mentoring programs that inspire, educate and support healing.  

The biggest goal at The Recovery Resource Network is to bring new inspirations and facilitation for healing-- to help people "recover" and reclaimwhat is missing or out of balance within their life and heal the root causes of what hurts. 

For more information about The Recovery Resource Network, see http://www.jamileemartin.com/recover-resource-network.php

"We are all walking each other home."

                                                           --Ram Dass

Addictions Recovery Treatment--Cutting Edge, Minimal Minimum Withdrawal Symptoms Addiction Treatment 

The latest most extraordinary treatment I have seen to date is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) IV treatment, which is a metabolic co-enzyme and is charged with the important job of structuring, repairing, and remodeling every cell in the body, especially helpful in for addiction-related brain damage and depletion of neurotransmitters.

John Scholz is the founder and CEO of Cellular Detox Centers and the Founder and Chairman of Frequency Healing Arts LLC. He has designed the companies NAD IV program to help people find an effective way to quickly heal and clean on a cellular level for many chronic conditions, such as Drug and Alcohol rehab.  

NAD IV treatment is a holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment designed to replenish the drained enzymes of the bodies neurotransmitters and target brain restoration that corrects the bodies "broken" cellular patterns that occur from drug and alcohol use. 

A holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment, NAD IV therapy is said to replenish the drained enzymes of the bodies neurotransmitters and target brain restoration from the bodies broken cellular patterns that occur from dug and alcohol use. Traditional addictions rehab has reportedly been lucky to rehab 20 percent of it's clients for long term benefit. Nad IV holistic treatment is currently reporting 80 percent success rate and figures higher than that when clients deal with the psychological aspects of addiction. The right healing program with a proven-to-be successful  Nad-IV treatment can help people overcome even the most extreme cases of opiate addiction and minimize withdrawal symptoms. Clients can stay motivated and comfortable for the 10 day treatment process and receive holistic and wellness support for a 21 day program that follows.  With the support of the proposed RECOVERY RESOURCE NETWORK, people can additionaly receive extraordinary  free support 24 hours a day to help them with recovery success that can help them thrive in their re-created life.

John dedicates his time to research, marketing, writing, and development in advancing ever more creative ways to improve the program and educate people to maintain long term heath and wellness. 

John Eric Scholz, Founder and CEO of Cellular Detox Centers & Founder and Chairman of Frequency Healing Arts, LLC.

NAD IV Treatment for Anti-Aging and Body Healing Treatments, with John Scholz at Cellular Detox Centers

The Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) IV treatment that I wrote about just above for addictions recovery is also extremely successful as a holistic treatment for anti-aging therapy. The neurotransmitters of the bodies cells are transformed, cleaned and returned to youthful cellular structure within a week and a half (For example, after 10 days of the NAD IV neurotransmitter therapy, a person 60 years old has the neurotransmitters of their cells cleansed and transformed to that of a 20 year old). Cancer patients are also finding extraordinary success with physical healing with this treatment. There are different treatment protocols for different diagnosis. Medical Supervision is provided and monitored, and a personal nurse is provided to administer the NAD IV. For more info: http://cellulardetoxcenters.com 

***I am extremely excited about the results the NAD IV treatments are having with folks. Aftercare programs are also available to ensure proper body cleansing, heavy metal and parasite detox. I believe the key to "youthing" is that one has to cleanse at cellular level, then follow through with the proper cleansing of the organs and body systems with medical supervision.



   I am blessed to keep meeting tremendous people working to create a refreshed world--people of extraordinary consciousness and vision with beyond this world gifts and talents that work with teams of people to create, finance and produce the technologies and new systems that are needed to move forward on our human evolutionary path. 

     I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be an ambassador to these evolutionary projects that can move the world forward in healthy, productive, good-for-everybody ways. It is a joy and an honor to be apart of weaving together many of us with like mind and heart--those of us called together to share and serve these projects as we graciously create the new world together.