"We are all walking each other home."

--Ram Dass

Jami Lee Martin, Visionary for The Recovery Resource Network

Welcome! My goal is to bring an enthusiastic team of people to co-create a Recovery Resource Network that provides free resources and mentoring to those who are in recovery and/or re-entering society from many of life's most alienating experiences-- addictions recovery, incarceration, grief and loss, as well as healing from trauma, isolation, depression, discouragement and disconnection due to many of life's challenges. The vision came to me, and I have taken the first step by introducing the vision on this page and provided inspirational and educational resources for those who would like support for their healing, re-entry journey. 

The Recovery Resource Network will include a Recovery Media Network that ultimately feature free online content with 24-hour television and radio programming that includes facilitated and mentoring programs that inspire, educate and support healing. 

To start things off to provide immediate support , I have compiled resources from some of my favorite leaders and avatars as examples on this page to demonstrate the caliber of folks that can be invited to contribute to this project. Most leaders that contribute content will provide context pro-bono as community service, paying it forward to help others have a new start. Funding is necessary to hire staff, production teams and promoters to proceed to fulfill this vision. First priority job placement will be given to re-entrycommunity members that are motivated and succeeding with their recovery/re-entry goals.

Keep scrolling down this page as there are tremendous video resources already available.Thank you for your interest, and I gratefully accept any financial support or funding recommendations you can offer. 

--Jami Lee Martin

Recovery, Re-Entry and Soul Healing

Wherever the hurt is, to recover and heal the parts of ourself that have been wounded is the answer for healthy living, loving and moving forward. From the hits of life, we become fragmented, suffering from loss, abuse, depression, isolation, anxiety, post traumatic stress, "less than" self-esteem, anger and a wide range of other feelings.

Where life becomes hurtful or we experience great loss or extreme stress, we often develop behaviors to try to cope with or cover up feelings of overwhelm. Hit by hit, we may shield our hearts and loose comfort in being comfortable in our own skin and at home in our own heart. Ultimately, we can loose our sense of belonging in the world, as well as not find our own place within the community. We can sometimes feel we are too broken to fix.

Then one day, many of us find we can't cope and may feel ourselves treading water for our very own survival. Heart-felt inter-connected living can seem impossible and we often settle for behaviors that keep us feeling diminished, distracted, isolated and  altered from being present for our lives and daily responsibilities. 

Our "drug prescribing" and "hurry and fix yourself" image-pushing culture often only gives "band-aid" fixes to these challenges and often bring us more shame and greater sense of failure when they don't work. Easily assessable resources and assistance to help us discover, address and heal the deeper core issues that lead us to withdrawal, escapism and destructive behaviors are often limited or unavailable. Programs and mentoring that teach us how to restart and rebuild our lives in society also be limited or cost-inhibitive.

Help is needed to provide easily accessible programs, information, mentoring, and inspiration in the healing, re-entry and recovery process. Recovery of trusting ourselves and experiencing heart-felt connection with ourselves and others is critical for successful, long-term healing. We need a simple solution to bring widespread support to as many people as possible.

Our Role At The Recovery Network

Our role at The Recovery Resource Network is to provide heart-felt inspiration and information to address many areas of the challenges that recovery, re-entry and healing isolation and discouragement require.  

Our intention at The Resource Recovery Network is to create a Recovery Media Network that features free online and television/radio 24/7 program content that presents programs that inspire, educate, build community connection, boost confidence, provide mentoring and support healing.


Innovative and Inspiring Help for Healing Recovery and Re-Entry

Here at the Recovery Resource Network, we believe everyone deserves support and help in their journey of healing and reintegration into new chapters of their life. 

Under the stewardship and facilitation of evolutionary leaders-- holistic practitioners, life transformation coaches, therapists, life skills coaches, heart-centered inspirational leaders and self-help facilitators-- a life-line of online support can always be available to support a difficult journey. This support can unite and help those whom are hurting, or feel less-than, "recover" or find their own self-worth, connection to their heart and feel supported by an on-line community that cares.

Here at The Recovery Network, we advocate for enhanced models for recovery, healing and learning to live in new ways with new skills for success. Here are a few:

1. Reduce the "bandaids" and activate whole body healing recovery with innovative programs that do not leave people trading one problem for another or encourage other addictive or self-diminishing behaviors or cravings.

2. Address the "white elephants" in the room: Without learning to address our wounds or that which we defend or hide from, life can be filled with cover up, escapism or acting out behaviors that can cost people years of incarceration or continued "less than" living. Let's address better ways to help people identify and address the root of the behaviors that cause the inability for healthy living, loving and connecting.  

3. Validate, validate, validate: Reinforce and focus on what is good about each person and provide support to help them to blossom their natural gifts and talents to boost confidence and appreciation for themselves on their healing journey and inspire others to "pay it forward" to help others.

4. Empowerment Focused: Bring healthy models of support to folks to assist them to eliminate feelings and patterns of victimness. Provide consciousness support, modeling, education and inspiration that enhance and result inpersonal evolution.

 Jami Lee Martin, Founding Visionary for  The Recovery Resource Network

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"We are all walking each other home."

--Ram Dass


Top Self Help Spiritual Avatars speak about making choices and change in our lives means that we have to grow ourselves at our foundational level--which is our vibration or frequency. 

Teal Swan, modern day avatar self-help facilitator, leads many generations to healing by helping them to look bravely and honestly at their own choices. Teal facilitates by guiding others to make new choices for self-freedom that brings relief to old patterns, including addictions and any "less than" behaviors that are causing life stress and lack of living in balance and success. 

Matt Kahnhttp://www.truedivinenature.com"Raising Your Vibration."

Bentinho Massarohttp://www.bentinhomassaro.com

Abraham Hicks, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sk877wj3EA  "How to Raise Your Vibration And Why You Want To Do That."


Prision Incarceration Resources

A Matter of Time and Don Kirchner with the Return To Honor Program. Inspiration and hope for the incarcerated.

Women's Prison Association: WPA works with women at all stages of criminal justice involvement. Inside prison and jail, they are a source of support to women and a resource to them as they plan for release. After incarceration, women come to WPA for help to build the lives they want for themselves and their families in the community. http://www.wpaonline.org/about/what-we-do

Kairos Prison Ministries

Kairos Prison Ministries--helping those incarcerated find forgiveness and healing from shame and guilt.

Kairos Prison Ministries-- Over 25,000 volunteers making a difference on the inside for those whom are incarcerated http://www.kairosprisonministry.org/why-we-serve-prisoners.php

Kairos Prison Ministry-- Providing a 3-day walk to Love and Faith, making a difference for those on the inside.

Resources for Women With Loved Ones Incarcerated

Kairos Outside-- offering support and weekend retreat for woman affected by a loved one being incarcerated. http://www.kairosprisonministry.org/kairos-outside-womens-program.php



Support For Families With Loved Ones in Prison

There is tremendous need for support for families with loved ones in prison... Here is one person trying to help others with her "Let's Talk" YouTube videos. 

Also,The FLIP Program for Families With Loved Ones in Prison can be encouraged and assisted to content to present on The Recovery Media Network.

Wendy Tatter, Prison Reform Activist speaks on "The Ten Things You Need To Know If Your Loved One Is Sent To Prison."

Jami Lee Martin Biography

Visionary, Humanitarian and a Facilitator of Transformational Change, Jami Lee Martin has been on the front lines of consciousness and holistic transformation for over 30 years. Achieving her Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1987, Jami specialized in helping clients discover and transform subconscious patterns that created limitations in their lives.

By the mid 1990’s, Jami became a 20 year student of Higher Consciousness Studies and achieved her Masters and Doctoratof Religious Science and her ministry of Religious Science through The Emerson Theological Institute. She culminated her work as an ordained Science of Mind Minister in 2012, having served many spiritual communities—to include The Center of Awakening in Parker, Colorado and The Helena Center of Creative Living, in Helena, Montana. Jami’s passions and gifts of service were to inspire, educate and re-connect members and participants to more conscious awareness, greater reality connection and personal healing, holistic empowerment and evolutionary transformation within their own lives.

Also serving community outreach within hospice, senior care and developmental disabled adult communities for over 25 years, Jami achieved National Chaplain’s Board Certification with the Rocky Mountain College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychology in Denver, Colorado in 2008. 

In 2010, Jami worked two years with Wellness Care USA as a medical assistant and a wellness facilitator assisting patients with heavy metal detox and addictions recovery and worked two years in mental health with the special needs community. Since then, Jami works as a facilitator for transformation and change, and as a steward and ambassador for new solutions for personal and global healing.

Jami shares her concern for the growing numbers of people in today’s world feeling disconnection and overwhelm. Admittedly, she is also disheartened by the lack of long term solutions and minimal success rates for healing addictions and limited resources to help people in recovery and re-entry programs. Jami joins today with cutting-edge leaders and avatars to bring new possibilities, transformation and modern solutions to the growing challenges of humanity in crisis with addictions and self-isolating and destructive behaviors as well as re-entry programs from incarceration completion of addictions treatment.  

Currently the Founding Visionary for The Recovery Resource Network, Jami dreams a big vision to provide internet radio and television programming and webinars to teach, facilitate and mentor those in recovery or re-entry from many of lives most alienating experiences--addictions recovery, incarceration, healing from trauma, isolation, discouragement and disconnection from many of life challenges. 

Jami is currently contacting top leaders and transformational avatars to join alliance with this vision. Contact Jami to help-- all resources are appreciated, from financial support  to technical help to build the media platform. Facilitators and mentors are needed than can provide programing and content to the creation of this vision now.

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Meditation Support

When our vision for our self changes, everything around us changes....our drama, our relationships, and our ability to remain centered amidst all the scenes of life. Meditation by Release Your Wings.

Step 11 Meditation by Angela Hrynuik. St. Francis Prayer.

Mentors and Facilitators Support

The following are examples of what mentors would contribute to Recovery of the Heart Inspiration and Support. 

Each Recovery Network Mentor/Facilitator can offer a series of complimentary videos, conference calls and a virtual sharing group to support and mentor those who seek help and transformation.

Each mentor/faciitator will address areas that create alienation-- from addiction, abandonment, depression, divorce, grief and loss, trauma, and feeling of loss for one's place in society Listed below are a few mentors that will share guidance and facilitation.

Radio programming, online television programs,  life-skills forums, webinars and much more can be created to bring healing, empowerment and on-ine community support to the healing, recover and re-entry journey. 

Mentors, educators and facilitators will represent a wide spectrum of inspiration and education that is holistic andcross-culturally appropriate and inclusive for all.

What's in it for the Mentors/facilitators? Most important, sharing resources is the right thing to do to help give others a hand up. Most of the content provided to the network will already have been presented at workshops and conferences as well as online video presentations. There will also be a large population of those attracted to the network that will ultimately invest in opportunities to visit their mentors to participate at their workshops, conferences and training seminars. 


Introducing some of the Anticipated Coaches, Educators, Mentors and Presenters that can be invited to the Recovery Media Network.

Most of these presenters are already well-established with a global following. Global leaders as well as lesser-known community leaders will collectively share the online platform. 


Dr.Joe Dispenza speaks on new models of healing addiction and what it really takes for healing of the emotions and transformation of previous patterns that are involved with the addiction.


Michael Tyrrell helps people across the globe transform and break free from Addictions and self-alienating behaviors.  Michael shares an extraordinary half an hour of heart-felt sage wisdom and inspiration, based on his personal and Divine intervention experience.

Michael guides others to healing through his own transformation with drug/alcohol addiction, and shares God-centered healing and the latest of cutting edge help and healing to support the journey. 


World Spiritual Teacher Gangaji Inspires Self Peace in her healing talk "The War of your Mind"--  Gangaji teaches: “when you stop waiting for them, whoever they may be, to get it together so that you can live in peace, and shift your attention to recognizing the tendency to go to war in you own mind, you have a chance to be at peace.”  


Brian Johnson from Philosophers Notes TV presents mini cliff notes and inspired insight from Alan Cohen's book, "Why Your Life Sucks."  


Lisa Rankin, MD is paradigm shifting in her work demonstrating that the number 1 health issue doctors aren't addressing is LONELINESS. Coupled with what I think are the body-system collapsing effects of stress and environmental and lack of real food nutrition toxicities, many adult Americans are living exhausted with crashed adrenal systems resulting in poor and restless sleeping habits, depression, anxiety and exhaustion... conditions that lead people to self-soothing, escapism and numbing addictions behaviors, Lisa's work is valuable and worth inspiring yourself by!


Dr. Deepak Chopra speaks about healing addictions within the holistic model, and shares why "the cure for addiction is physical, mythical and sacred ecstasy." Learn more as you listen to the video presented here.

 "Each of us is here to discover our true self... without it we are orphaned and adrift."

--Deepak Chopra

Dr. Gabor Mate' explains addiction and the way that it is raving humanity, all the way from individuals to those in power. Then he offers a solution...


Tony Robbins reminds us to take a look at our story, and decide again: "what story do we want to live instead of what we thought we should live."


Mel Robbins at a Tedx Talks speaks about why people don't have what they want and discloses things that people do to kid themselves from what they feel and really want.


Transcending addiction and redefining recovery with Jacki Hillios. Listen in as Jacki presents a healthy model for building recovery community connection and healthy recovery living. Jacki also shares three transformational tips for making living sober easier.


Unhappiness and anxiety often come from our inability to know what our life purpose is about. Movie and stage play producer, Adam Leipzig, shares a simple way to know your life purpose and sage advice for living happy.


The Freedom to Choose Something Different by Pema Chodron


***This video doesn't start until a minute in, so fast forward it until it starts. 

Steps To Recovery Homes-- Cottonwood, AZ recovery homes that are affordable,safe, structured, and clean along with an example driven behavior modification program that provides life skills that recovery clients need to be able to be a productive member of their families and society. http://stepstorecoveryhomes.org/about-steps-to-recovery/ 

Dr. Tom O'Brien, Addictions Recovery Herbal Support http://drtomobrien.ie/herbal-medicine-and-the-treatment-of-addiction/

Controversial Kratom and other herbs for Opiate Withdrawal symptoms. This is an educational video only. Check with your doctor for information and guidance to see if Kratom can help you.