I am an ambassador of peace for the new age we have entered-- the long time prophesied "Golden Age."  At this time of planetary transition and rapid personal awakening, there is great alchemy in our personal awakening and global transformation and healing as we move forward into this new age with an open heart and innovative new solutions. 

I am a minister of remembrance, transformation and activation for this new paradigm.
 This new chapter for earth is about heart-based living and holistic balance with collective thriving for all. 
I am here to assist you or your organization to do your part in personal and collective healing and thriving.

                                                                                             ---Rev. Jami Lee Martin


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***To listen to the 2017 television interview with Kristi Ellen Peterson, the Mosaic Shaman with The Women's Broadcast Network on "ALL THINGS POSSIBLE," click here http://wbtvn.tv/things-possible-kristi-ellen-guest-jamie/