I am an ambassador of peace for the new age we have entered-- the long time prophesied "Golden Age."  At this time of planetary transition and rapid personal awakening, there is great alchemy in our personal awakening and global transformation and healing as we move forward into this new age. 

It is here where begin to more fully remember, commune and live as our Divine nature.

I am a minister of inspiration and activation for this new paradigm--
The Golden Age of the Heart. I am here to assist you on your personal journey.

 Join me for this ascended transformation! 
                                                                                             ---Rev. Jami Lee Martin


    Rev. Dr. Jami Lee Martin

I am at your service as a ceremony officiate and guest speaker. My background combines 30 years of spiritual studies, sacred mystery school and esoteric teachings, "new thought" ministries, comparative world religions and the golden thread of mysticism that unites us all at the heart into the Oneness from which we are born. 

I am a national, board certified chaplain with over 25 years experience of guiding individuals and groups through major transitions and chapters of life. I am a channel for the Divine Feminine and the healing restoration of humanity and our world, and an ambassador to our transforming world as we welcome collectively THE GOLDEN AGE.

I support my community at large with ministerial, officiate, chaplain and inspirational support services. I am happy to introduce my traveling guest speaking, inspirational and ministry event and support services. -- MOBILE ONENESS-- Click here for more information.

You can contact me from my Contact page of this website. I am happy to be of service.


The Path Of The Restored Feminine
By Jami Lee Martin

The time is now. The healing of the world starts at the heart of women. As we awaken and remember our true nature and adapt our lives to the alchemy of this remembrance, the men that we love or angst with in this world will have a quickened remembrance of their true nature.

It is time to end the make-wrong, off-balanced distortions of how we have come to live as women. There is another way, and it came as our birthright from the heart of Creator. Distortions have happened as we lived in a world that divided in order to better understand Oneness. It’s time to return to the heart of knowing our divine heritage and role as women. 

It is time to face ourselves in the mirror and embrace what we’ve denied. It is now time to love ourselves for what we couldn’t. It is time to show up in gentleness and honoring of ourselves and each other for what we learned to be afraid of. It is time to stop our judgments and understand compassion and the offering of the Rose where the swords of steal and of the tongue once struck. We rise in the remembrance of kindness and community, each doing our part to contribute to a whole and healthy society. 

We begin with the decision to choose a new way. We surrender old ways of hardships and adopt kindness, integrity, creativity and gentleness as our model for living. We become this healing alchemy in our hearts and stand tall in the power of who we are. We take action from Love and make a difference as a power for good in our family units, our community, our work places, our nation and world. Without striving and by having healed "struggle", we bring grace and the actions of our unique individual roles to transmit healing and greater love to this world. 

We begin this alchemy with an intention of forgiveness for all that we have learned that taught us competition and judgment, along with concepts and behaviors that dishonored our self love. We identify and forgive the distortions and bless what we have experienced and learned with compassion for ourselves and others.  We end contributions to “less than” or diminishing behaviors of ourselves and others. We let others off the hook for what we need or once needed from them to feel safe. We stop fearing our very own survival and transform to become self-reliant because we know the heart of who we are, and we bring this knowing to demonstration in our outer lives.

It is time to unite as a power for collective grace among the sisterhood and extend this healing and love to the brotherhood.  It is time to heal what we mistrusted in ourselves and each other. It is time to clear distortions and patterns that have been handed down and reinforced through out our history to rise again to the Loving alchemy of our highest nature and live out our higher potential. 

As we awaken and restore our tired and externally focused femininity, we naturally create a healthy new world of living, loving and relating with others. We stop accepting and projecting our cinderella dreams of expecting men to be our princes and protective and all-providing daddies that save us from hardships as we remember to call upon the Light of our magnificence to step forward again and provide for us. As women, we support our brothers and show up in healthy new ways to support them in alliances to see women as powerful loving beings minus the fantasies and impossible dreams. As we heal the distorted programs within ourselves and share our healing with each other, we powerfully heal the imbalances of our male and female aspects. We then begin to see the resurrection of this healing demonstrated in our outer lives and in our world. 

Each of us has a unique path of transformation. It begins with choosing to remember our greater role as women, and for the men to begin to reflect upon their greater role as men as well. From here, we invite the alchemy of healing into our lives: self-love, creativity, beauty, reflection, divine communion and forgiveness-- all are apart of the elements that help us transform.

As a facilitator of transformation and peace, and a facilitator and channel for the divine feminine, I am happy to help guide you on the journey of remembrance and connect you with others that can assist you to be the alchemy of magnificence. Never before has it become more important on this planet for us to heal and blossom into our greater Divine Nature. The restored healing and power of our femininity is the healing elixir for our transformation as a human race.

With Blessings of Grace and Remembrance,
Jami Lee "E la' ha" Martin

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